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One more SB45 moment.. Gregg Gillis settled a bet for me

One more SB45 moment.. Gregg Gillis settled a bet for me

Super Bowl 45 moments that renewed my faith in mankind

I am annoyed by most people I see on T.V. because they do not represent our society in a very good light. Most are fame hungry egomaniacs, but during the Super Bowl I saw a few people that made me realize that there are still more good people out there then there are bad people.

  • Madieu Williams - This year’s Walter Payton Man of the Year winner could have easily been in Dallas to collect his award and party it up with other NFL stars and celebrities, but he wasn’t. Madieu Williams was in Iraq with the Fourth Infantry Division and Task Force Iron Horse watching the game with the troops. It is nice to see a NFL player put others before his own fame for a change.
  • Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta on the field before the game. SSG Giunta is a true American hero who unlike most men his age has remained humble and modest in every interview I have seen. Regardless of how you feel about the military or the current conflict in the Middle East, SSG Giunta deserves the respect of the nation and what better place to remind us of his actions then the most watched sporting event of the year. 
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Debunking Blog Fail

I enjoy nothing more than debunking the American Myth and this past weekend was to be the start of my next big idea… Debunking the need for diets, diet foods, or supplements to achieve weight loss by proving good old fashion physical exercise is the best and most successful method.

My plan was to spend the weekend drinking whatever I wanted (beer, soda, and whole milk) and eating unhealthy food (doughnuts, chili, wings, chips, nachos, ice cream, and shrimp) in mass quantities. The only activity I was to do from Friday to Sunday had to revolve around acquiring more food. This mass quantity of beverages and food combined with total lack of activity should have resulted in some weight gain. Sadly, I actually lost a one pound from Friday to Sunday. I am very disappointed in my body for letting me down and killing my idea.

This was not a half baked, last minute idea, I put some serious work into this. In addition to eating and drinking whatever I wanted to, I also changed my gym routine from five times a week to once every two weeks for the past six weeks.

I guess I can sleep well tonight knowing that my failure was not due to a lack of commitment to my idea.

On to the next idea.. I do my best thinking at the gym so I guess I will return to five times a week starting today.